2021 – On and behind the stage

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My first post titled ‘On and behind the stage’ appeared two years ago. In 2020 the covid pandemic brought a halt to almost all musical and theatrical activity in my country. The beginning of 2021 wasn’t any better, but from summer on things were relatively normal, at least for a while. Which is why I’m able to present my selection … Read More

The 2020 dozen

As has become a tradition over the last few years, I am showing twelve pictures from the past twelve months that were important to me. The self-portrait above (which doesn’t count against the twelve) gives an indication that this year was very different from any other I have experienced. Especially for a people photographer like me, the covid pandemic severely … Read More

2019 – On and behind the stage

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My pictures have always been a means of telling stories, which puts them more or less in the genre of documentary photography. About three years ago, I started something different: I began taking pictures of performing artists on and behind the stage. Here’s a selection of these pictures taken in 2019.

Elvis meets the Pope

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No, I’m not crazy. And no, this is not about photoshopping images of situations that never happened. The fact of the matter is that while the Pope in this story is the real thing, Elvis is, ahem, not so much. Last summer I saw quite a few homemade-looking billboards next to country roads in my area, advertising an Elvis Museum … Read More