Joel Meyerowitz retrospective in Düsseldorf

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  It was in June of 1994. I was in New York City for a few weeks, shooting on the streets and trying to capture the atmosphere of this fascinating place. Shortly before the trip, my late friend Günter Wehrmann had told me about a book on street photography: Bystander: A History of Street Photography by Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz. As … Read More

Thomas Höpker in Cologne

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  “For the most part it’s your fault”, I said, at the same time smiling at the gentleman vis-à-vis. He tilted his head and gave me a questioning look. “That I became interested in photography is for the most part your fault”, I explained. It was Thomas Hoepker I was talking to. He is one of the most influential German … Read More

Sustainable farming in Montana

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  A few days ago I wrote about large-scale farming in northern Montana, a highly automated operation that is reminiscent of industrial manufacturing processes. Hi-tech machinery, complex chemistry and advanced breeds of grain are necessary ingredients of this kind of agribusiness. What you can see there is the result of a long process of optimization for one specific goal, the … Read More

Harvest on Montana’s Hi-Line

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  “Five hundred”, Jason Wanken said. “OK, and the price?”, I asked. Again the reply was “Five hundred”. I was sitting in the buddy seat of a combine that had a 500 hp engine and cost around US$ 500,000. An impressive machine that replaces hundreds of farmhands. A storm brews over Montana’s fields of gold as Doug Henke is cutting … Read More

Singles: Looking back at the Twin Towers

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  Today, exactly thirteen years after the attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center, I remembered a photo I took in 1994. It was a beautiful June day and I was on the Staten Island Ferry, mainly to enjoy the view of this vibrant and exciting city. While the ferry was pulling away from Manhattan, I noticed a young … Read More