The 2018 dozen

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With the year 2018 ending soon, I browsed the pictures I took over its course and selected a dozen that are important to me.

Street scene.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Father and son watching robotic pole dancers at the Robodonien Festival.
Cologne, Germany.
Main Street.
Hot Springs, Montana.
Elvis on his way to work. Jonny Winters, who has been impersonating Elvis Presley for more than 40 years,
carries his guitar to his vehicle before driving to a performance.
Kircheib, Germany.
The outcast.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Rhoda (29) from Milford Colony and Cornelius (32) from Riverview Colony, getting away from a picnic of Milford Colony Hutterites celebrating the upcoming wedding of Rhoda’s sister. She wants to get married («we’re getting too old»), but he isn‘t baptized yet. He worked on oil fields in ND and UT, drank and gambled. Last time he applied to be baptized, he was rejected.
Great Falls, Montana.
Gloire (21) and Fungai (19) at the skate park.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Jerry Thunstrom, a member of the Sun River Rangers Shooting Society.
Augusta, Montana.
These two ladies are waiting to visit a concert by Andreas Gabalier, an Austrian
musician who encourages his fans to appear in traditional garb.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
A the Beer Parlor in Hot Springs, bartender Wendy brought her pet rooster named Bitty to work. She saw him hatch and has had him for 2 1/2 years now. Pet roosters can live to about 20 years. He wears a diaper when she takes him out.
Hot Springs, Montana.
Among statues depicting a celtic chief, promoting visits to a local museum, I spotted an urban leopard.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Every year at Christmas time, little children in Zurich get to ride on the Märlitram ("fairy tale streetcar" in the local dialect).
Santa Claus drives the vintage streetcar while two angels read Christmas stories to the kids.
Zurich, Switzerland.

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    They are all my favorites as well, Carsten. You are so very talented and we are all so fortunate to see the world without ever leaving our living room. Thank you, my friend.

    Fay Ann

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